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Year 2000
08/04/05 After 6 months of comparitive testing, Unoverica has decided to phase out all support for Kaspersky's Anti-Virus software in Unoverica's SMTP server. We are pleased to announce full client-server support for ClamAV.
01/03/05 All Unoverica products for NetWare are now FREE! If you're not running the latest versions of our products, now's the time to update.
09/17/03 Unoverica customers are safe from the recent OpenSSH vunerability. All customers who were running OpenSSH were converted to SSH to facilitate remote backups, at least a week before the vulerability was even discovered.
08/15/99 We have lowered the price of our DNS product for NetWare. Only $95! Buy now and save!
06/10/99 For your convenience, we now accept American Express!
06/01/99 Everything at Unoverica will change. Visit us on June 1 to learn more.

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