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Unoverica DNS

Version 1.50 (Freeware)


Unoverica DNS is the first Domain Name System (DNS) service available for Novell NetWare® Servers. It was developed to allow a Novell NetWare® Server to operate in Internet environments with limited or no access to a Unix Server.

Unoverica DNS is based on the most popular implementation of the DNS specifications, the Berkeley Internet Name Domain software (BIND). This assures reliable, consistent performance when communicating with other systems. Unoverica DNS retains, and even extends, the flexibility of the Berkeley implementation. Unlike its Berkeley counterpart, however, Unoverica DNS is extremely easy to install and configure.


Key features of Unoverica DNS include:

  • Fully Implemented
    • The Name Server is a full implementation of named. It can be configured to run as a primary, secondary, or caching-only server.
    • Runs on multiple versions of NetWare® - 3.11, 3.12, 4.10, 4.11, IntranetWare, and 5.

  • Simple Setup
    • Single-step installation and upgrade using the NetWare® Install interface
    • Installation can be done from server or workstation
    • Upgrades can be completed within 2 minutes
    • Current Software and Manuals are available via the Internet

  • Low cost of ownership
    • It's Free!
    • Runs directly on a standard NetWare® server - does not require any additional hardware or software
    • Prepaid annual technical support contracts
      • 1 hour units in half-hour increments at $90US/hour
      • 5 hour units in half-hour increments at $60US/hour

Download a free copy of Unoverica DNS.

Navigation Home > Products > DNS V1.50
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